Radio Medford


I started work at Radio Medford as a part-time production assistant in September 2014. Radio Medford is a group of six Medford-area commercial stations housed in one building.

Just one month later, I was promoted to assistant program director and got full-time hours. In May 2015, I was promoted again to program director for 96.1 FM/580 AM ESPN Radio. The station is now called 96.1/580 The Game.

Most of my time consisted of monitoring and scheduling the programming for 96.1 FM/580 AM ESPN Radio. I also provided play-by-play for St. Mary’s High School on those stations.

My other daily duties consisted of the following:

  • keeping a weekly schedule of sports coverage for both stations and communicating this schedule to sports fans and local media outlets through text alerts and e-mails
  • programming sporting events using Playlist Editor and websites that monitor our satellites
  • uploading various syndicated shows and advertising barter to WideOrbit
  • writing and recording three local news updates a day
  • providing voice-overs in game promos and local ads
  • assisting with ad production when called upon.

In short, there were a lot of hats I wear in one day, which required efficient multitasking.

I loved using Adobe Audition for production and would love an opportunity to do more production in the future. For instance, I had the chance to produce and voice a variety of ads.

Voicing news updates kept my on-air voice fresh. These four audio clips show not only how accommodating it is, but also how much experience I have writing broadcast scripts.

I’ve also produced many other types of broadcast audio and have those examples here.

Self-produced ads

News updates

Other/miscellaneous audio

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